"Light, windows and screens for the well-being of the rooms" at WEGIL in Rome


Public success at WEGIL in Rome for the second meeting on the theme "Light, windows and screens for the well-being of the rooms"

The project of light in building restoration interventions Rome, 31 October 2019 - At Wegil in Rome, a full room for the second meeting on the theme of the relationship between light and shielding organized by MC International on behalf of BT Group, Linea Light Group, Resstende, Schücoe with the participation of Decoral Groupe Prometal. This time the theme of the conference was the project of light in building renovation interventions. Protagonists, internationally renowned architects who presented innovative solutions capable of integrating natural and artificial light through the use of enclosures and shields, always in full respect of sustainability environmental, even during construction. Speakers include: Tommaso Valledi Studio Valle Progetti, Giuseppe Tortatodi Giuseppe Tortato Architetti, Alfonso Femiadi Atelier (s) Alfonso Femia, Eugenio Cipollonedi Insula architecture, Maurizio Condolucidi Studio Westway, Massimo Fasanidi Ediltecno Restauri and Claudio Zampettidi In.Tech. The architects exhibited interesting interventions on the construction - some under construction - of the contemporary Italian and international panorama: from historic buildings to projects for the recovery of corporate or residential offices. All the design items present were in agreement on the theme that the space to be designed, especially in cases of recovery, must be carefully studied both indoors and outdoors, to optimize the results in terms of urban regeneration and environmental comfort. element of light, whether natural or artificial, must be checked, shaped and calibrated, just like a "building material". Large transparent surfaces must be mediated, in the design phase, by the skilful use of high-performance windows and screens to reduce solar radiation, containing consumption for cooling and ensuring the best conditions of visual comfort.

The correct design of the mix between natural and artificial light, the control and regulation of the light radiation in the living and working spaces, are fundamental aspects for obtaining renovated works with high energy performance, with the possibility of being certified in the highest energy classes . During the meeting, two major topics of discussion also emerged: the need to share a systemic vision of light and its management in the design phase with all the actors of the work, designers, installers, specialists and supplier companies. The second involves the world of training and construction. Even today, in fact, both academically and shipbuilding, the integration between artificial and natural light is little discussed and practiced; the results are often evident in the final result of the architecture, frustrating part of the economic investments used.