Meeting Maxxi Roma Luce Serramenti e Schermature


Sustainability and innovation: architecture is the protagonist at MAXXI in Rome

Well-being of environments and people, this was discussed during the first of the two Capitoline meetings which involved designers and entrepreneurs from the construction sector The first of the two meetings organized by MC International on behalf of BT Group, Linea Light Group, Resstende, Schüco and with the participation of Decoral Group and Prometal was held on May 9, at Maxxi in Rome to talk about the great connection that exists between light, windows and screens for the well-being of the rooms. Speakers included Jacopo Acciaro (Voltaire Lighting Design), Renato Guidi (Aspesi Roma), Riccardo Hopps (Office Green Building), Stefania Manna (LGSMA), Michele Beccu (ABDR) and Amedeo Schiattarella (Schiattarella Associati). An opportunity for discussions dedicated to professionals to talk about management and light control for the innovative envelopes of contemporary architecture: a moment designed for designers, investors, entrepreneurs in the construction sector with the aim of sharing solutions for respectful construction sites the well-being of environments and people. The conference was held in Rome precisely because it was at the center of the debate on urban development and sustainability. A city in search of new life, investments and actions that have a positive impact on the territory, all issues addressed during the meeting focused on new buildings.

During the conference, it was evident that the lighting, acoustic and climatic comfort are closely related to each other. During the design phase, it is essential to maintain the balance between these factors to ensure high standards of living space, it is in fact essential to take into account human needs during the initial stages of designing the rooms. To do this, the close dialogue between designers, industry professionals and companies represents the only possible way to create integrated projects in terms of thermal and visual comfort. We discussed how the space around us has a significant impact on the biological rhythms and motivation of people, changes the way we live, the way we relate to, to move. The new buildings must therefore be designed in continuity with the territory, taking up the archetypes of the neighborhood and developed to impact positively on the well-being and productivity of the people who live there. During the design phase, energy sustainability, thermal control together with light management and control cannot be ignored. You can no longer design holistically, you need to work in an integrated way. During planning, the role of companies must be to guarantee highly customized services and technical solutions, both aesthetically and functionally, to ensure that living comfort goes hand in hand with energy and economic comfort. The technologies we have today together with protocols such as LEED and WELL are drastically changing the way we conceive buildings and environments. At the conference, it emerged that the dialogue between designers and companies is currently leading to extremely positive results in our country. A harmony devoted to the creation of suitable solutions for new construction contexts that seek to establish a dialogue with the outside world, a connection with nature and the surrounding area. We are living a virtuous path where light is culture, a material to be shaped thanks to the made in Italy technology that we have today.

After the first appointment, focused on the topic of new buildings, there is already great anticipation for the second meeting scheduled for autumn. In this case we will talk about "Management and control of light for the recovery and enhancement of the building heritage", a topic of great interest especially for design studios and specialized companies that have to do with the restoration of historic buildings.