Milan Design Week: IGV at Fuorisalone with Cult & Must 2000-2020


The participation of IGV in the Cult & Must 2000-2020 event was a real success, where it exhibited the ON AIR lift cabin, designed by Studio Marco Piva.

Technological performance perfectly combined with pure design. The soaring ON AIR system, in its version in Vetrite by Sicis, attracted the attention of the many visitors.

Also it offered the opportunity to talk about safety and sanitation, areas in which IGV is notably distinguishing itself with the patented CARe system, which uses an exclusive double technology with UV-C sterilizing light and an absolute HEPA filter in able to remove up to 99.9% of impurities and pathogens. The device is certified as a "clean room" according to the UNI EN ISO 14644 standard.

ON AIR is the parent model of the Ad Hoc design line, which brings together projects by renowned names in the world of architecture such as MaMa Design, Carlo Colombo, Studio Mamo, CaberlonCaroppi, Federico Delrosso, Jonida Turani, Giulio Cappellini and Antonio Facco.

The Ad Hoc range, totally revolutionary for the sector, revisits the concept of transport, elevating it to an object of interior design, for a generation of projects that make the lift a space to live.

IGV protagonist of the talk "Lift Evolution"

The "Lift Evolution" talk, organized in the frame of Cult & Must, had the participation of Michele Suria, CEO of IGV Group, Giuseppe Volpe, founder of IGV, Marco Piva and Giulio Cappellini, artistic director of IGV.