Luxury Retail Conference 2024: January 25-26


Luxury Retail Conference 2024: The first edition receives enthusiastic reception from a highly qualified audience.

Spazio Progetto's Luxury Retail Conference 2024 recently concluded its inaugural edition on January 25-26, garnering significant attendance and overall quality.

On January 26, four roundtable discussions, the first two curated by Marisa Corso, CEO of MC International, and Lenka Lodo, provided insightful perspectives on the dynamics of the luxury and retail sectors.

The first roundtable, 'Luxury Capitals and High Streets,' moderated by Marcello Zanfi of CBRE and Niccolò Suardi of Colliers Italia, explored challenges and opportunities with contributions from professionals like Luis Matania of Foster + Partners, Nuno Antunes Gonçalo Silva Arquitectos Associados, Giulia Nichele of Hines Italy, Luca de Ambrosis Ortigara of DeA Capital Real Estate SGR, and Veronica Bianchi of Generali Real Estate.

The second roundtable, 'Designing Luxury Retail,' led by Lenka Lodo, featured prominent figures such as Frederic Bestard of Retail Brand Management, Claudio Lazzarini and Carl Pickering of Lazzarini Pickering Architetti, Raffaele Ulderico Lepreri of Ulderico Lepreri Design Project, Simona Franci of FORTEBIS, Claudia Campone of THiRTYONE Design + Management, Samuele Frosio of RSG Group GmbH Italia, Vittorio Carena of Vittorio Carena Studio, and Andrea Lanza Cariccio of RAMZEN.

In addition to the roundtables, the evening of January 25, exclusively for project partners, was dedicated to networking among retail industry leaders. This informal moment facilitated fruitful exchanges, strengthened professional relationships, and contributed to the creation of new collaboration opportunities.

The curation of the Luxury Retail Conference was a key element in making the event unforgettable, enriching participants with crucial knowledge and inspiration for the future of luxury retail. We extend our gratitude to everyone who made this edition of the Luxury Retail Conference 2024 possible, especially its creator, Cavazzoni Giancarlo of Studio Cavazzoni Associati. 

We eagerly await the future development of this significant event in the luxury and retail landscape.