“How to experience outdoor spaces in city and mountain accommodations" at Mirage Project Point Milano


Fifth episode of "Winter Games Hospitality & Development" series of meetings dedicated to hospitality in view of the XXV WINTER OLYMPICS in Italy

Now in its fifth appointment, on Thursday 17 February 2022 the cycle of meetings "Winter Games Hospitality & Development" presented the debate on the theme "In & Out: how to experience outdoor spaces in city and mountain accommodation" at Mirage Project Point Milan, an Italian company leader in the porcelain stoneware sector for 40 years, partner of the evening which was also broadcast in live streaming for online attendees. 

The hospitality project in anticipation of 2026 Winter Olympics is curated and promoted by Marisa Corso, CEO of MC International, enjoys the patronage of Comune di Milano and Comune di Cortina d'Ampezzo, the two future locations of the Olympic Games in Italy, and is created in partnership with the international association NEWH - The Hospitality Industry Network, to which AREL - Associazione Real Estate Ladies and have recently been added.

The talk hosted by Mirage dealt in particular with the theme of outdoor living, which today more than ever is of great importance: the need to live en plein air in contact with nature has totally re-evaluated outdoor spaces. In the city, the terrace and the roof garden become a plus of the hotel just as, in the mountains, the outdoor space is experienced both for outdoor sports and as an extension of restaurants, bars and meeting places for interior design.

Here the comparison between two design studios, one in city context and one specialized in mountain projects, involved Federico Spagnulo, of the Spagnulo & Partners studio, and the pair of architects Roberta Di Filippo and Roberto Salvischiani of Studio raro in Treviso.

Special guest of the evening, Andreas Kipar, CEO of LAND srl, an international landscape architecture studio founded in 1990.

Giulio Cappellini, architect as well as designer and International trend setter, was the moderator of the event.