25 architecture firms for the 25th anniversary of Antrax IT


The 25 + 25x25 project will start in October, involving Italian and international architecture firms to interpret the company's radiators in the new Antrax IT showroom in Milan.

25 architecture ateliers to celebrate 25 years of activity: the opening of the Milanese showroom of Antrax IT coincides with the "25 + 25x25" project, conceived by Marisa Corso in collaboration with the company, with the aim of having the radiators interpreted by great Italian and international designers. Noa * network of architecture, CQS - Ciarmoli Queda Studio, Didonè Comacchio Architects, Federico Delrosso Architects, Spagnulo & Partners, Parisotto + Formenton Architetti, Lazzerini Pickering Architetti, Duccio Grassi Architects, Maurizio Lai Architects, THDP - The Hickson Design Partnership and Loft Buro Architects - just to name a few - will in fact be asked to imagine the award-winning radiators in new spaces and to customize the chosen setting with colors and materials.

The proposals are based on the reinterpretation of the Home line and the iconic Tubone and Oreste & Emma, ​​as well as Tavola and Tavoletta, Pioli, Loft, Pettine, Flat and Treo, and release the radiator from its traditional location in the bathroom, to represent it in a new space, living or contract.

“Our product families are available in over 200 colors in the catalog, in many dimensional formats and often with the possibility of hydraulic or electric power supply, with reduced consumption and in 100% recyclable steel or aluminum. The 25 + 25x25 initiative emphasizes the best features of the radiators, which are therefore customizable and with a low environmental impact, as well as guaranteeing a design that makes them ideal for use in any context "says Alberico Crosetta, CEO of Antrax IT.

Four Italian studios and one foreigner will be the protagonists of each of the five scheduled appointments - starting from October 5 and ending in February 2022 -, which will be structured with an opening talk and an exhibition consisting of video contributions, moodboards and studies of project, viewable by professionals and the public during the opening hours of the showroom.

"Our first single-brand store in Milan is not a sales space, but a place dedicated to the project and we are very happy to start this adventure with such an ambitious program, which has precisely the world of architecture as a strategic focus" comments Alberico Crosetta , CEO of Antrax IT who continues: “I am very grateful to all the firms that have joined the proposal and have taken up this challenge. I am sure that it will allow for the establishment of new virtuous relationships and that it will produce projects of great interest. I can't wait to see them! ".

The firms involved: Antonio Iraci Architettura, Bartolomeo Fernandez Architects, Carlo Berarducci Architecture, Carlo Donati Studio, Casamanara, Didonè Comacchio Architects, Duccio Grassi Architects, Dudan Design, Federico Delrosso Architects, Fernando Cesar Mosca, Lazzerini Pickering Architects, Loft Buro Architects, Places Comuni Studio di Architettura, MP2A Architetti Associati, Noa * Network of Architecture, Maurizio Lai Architects, Parisotto + Formenton Architetti, S2 Architetti, Spagnulo & Partners, Studio Mamo, Studio Arch. Fabio Rotella, THDP - The Hickson Design Partnership, Thirty One Design , Tissa 

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The calendar

October 5

  • THDP - The Hickson Design Partnership (UK)
  • Duccio Grassi Architects
  • Fernando Cesar Moscow
  • Studio Mamo
  • Maurizio Lai Architects

November 10

  • S2 Architects (CH)
  • Spagnulo & Partners
  • Lazzerini Pickering Architects
  • Didonè Comacchio Architects
  • Studio Arch. Fabio Rotella

December 1

  • Tissa (HR)
  • Parisotto + Formenton Architects
  • Thirty One Design
  • Bartolomeo Fernandez Architects
  • MP2A Associated Architects

January 25

  • Casamanara (MC)
  • Dudan Design
  • Antonio Iraci Architecture
  • Common Places Architecture Studio
  • CQS - Ciarmoli Queda Studio

February 15

  • Loft Buro Architects (UA)
  • Carlo Berarducci Architecture
  • Noa * Network of Architecture
  • Federico Delrosso Architects
  • Carlo Donati Studio