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About us.

A team of professionals who has gained significant experience in the field of marketing and business
development in Italy and abroad.

MC International can offer its specialized services to medium sized

• with a strong need for market repositioning, internal and external
• with a need of business and commercial launch and implementation
• with the need to open up to foreign markets



A highly successful professional, she boasts a long career in the field of marketing: initially as an exhibition marketing strategist she developed and launched new trade fair formats dedicated to B2B; since then she has focused on international marketing strategies of national and multinational companies.
Her passion for marketing together with her deep belief in internationalization as the key to manage the increasingly globalised market has led her to turn to a business development specialist, mainly operating in the field of architecture and design, in which she possesses advanced knowledge. Meanwhile she has become lecturer in International Marketing at Il Sole 24 Ore Business School.
As a professional working at MC International that she founded, she supports both medium enterprises and public institutions helping them to reinforce their positioning at the local level as well as their competitiveness while conquering new markets.



She has gained a long experience in large international companies, in diversified sectors and markets (including automotive, fashion and retail), dealing with marketing and national and international commercial management.
For about ten years he has been dedicating himself to Temporary Management in Medium Business realities, which accompanies the necessary process of change linked to the transformation of international markets.
In particular, it has developed a strong specialization in the review of organizational processes internal to enterprises, to improve their competitiveness and the effectiveness of their strategies on the markets.
He is engaged as a consultant in various marketing and internationalization projects.



He has gained great experience in the technical-commercial field with roles in project management and business development.
He has joined several manufacturing companies in the furnishing sector for interiors and architecture, helping them to develop and consolidate their presence in the Italian territory.
It boasts a consolidated network of contacts that enable it to monitor the market of the project and to relate directly with the main stakeholders (designers, architects, real estate companies) and decision makers (chains hotels, contract companies, companies Construction) of the office, hotel and residential sectors.



Since 1980 he has been involved in Interior & Lighting Design, both in Italy and abroad, developing a strong sensitivity in combining the technological, aesthetic, energy and environmental aspects of the components to be included in the project. This ability to explore from multiple points of view and then to connect, to “hybridize”, different sectors, systems and products, helps companies to successfully face markets far away or apparently foreign to their business. An original approach that we also propose in the various events organized for companies, almost always characterized by location and content rather “memorable”.



She’s following in her family’s footsteps, as her family has been dealing with construction and real estate for years, for several years it has successfully followed the insertion of Italian companies in the English market.
A deep connoisseur of the world of architecture and design, she has always joined the passion for made in Italy and for quality products with outstanding skills in the commercial field.
A skilled communicator, he has great experience in organizing events both in Italy and abroad.



Meri Liguori architect, lives and works in Rome. The passion for the project first, and for the perfect realization then, leads her to become the link between product&project, between feasibility / sales / specialized execution, between designer&company.

Since 2006 she has been investigating the theme of internal vertical partitions, fixed and mobile, as the complete harmony of everyday life, as an architectural and stylistic proportion on a human scale, from standard to custom sizes. With the same aim, she has been working with MC International since 2019.

Partners in the world.



US Representative FLA – CO-FOUNDER LA FUCINA & Specialista Creativo
Mauro has been always fascinated with Communication, being constantly looking for new ways to improve it. Creativity, he thinks is one of the best ways to do it. Spending more than 10 years in the building and construction materials industry, he developed what’s now his biggest passion, Design. He was involved in the EUROPEAN market as a marketing consultant for EU brands.

He worked for 60 EUROPEAN BRANDS as PHILIPS LIGHTING; TRESPA group; KME; FAAC automation; managing their vendors force (about 8/10 companies at a time). In the last 4 years, Mauro started to dedicate himself to the US market, as an independent consultant, he worked for Italian design companies to facilitate their entry in US cooperating also with FLA. He’s now part of La Fucina.



Daniel’s character can most easily be described by his creative passion to build, design, create and grow things. His early career was spent in the video and film industry where he produced over 100 episodes of national and regional TV shows. Two of his larger TV projects were Home Team and Homes Today, both of which featured home remodeling, new home construction and the luxury homes market. After a 7 year career in TV production, Daniel decided to re-invent himself and started a small brand development company to develop products for the outdoor sporting goods industry. He has successfully launched over 10 brands and has sold several while reinvesting in other industries such as software development, manufacturing and consulting. La Fucina isn’t just the ‘next big idea’ for Daniel, its where his passion, skills and dedication all come together. Daniel lived in southern Italy for two years and considers Italy to be his second home/country.



Software Developer – CO-FOUNDER LA FUCINA & Specialista Processi Operativi. Nate’s passion is tirelessly looking for the most efficient way to do things. Nate started his first business 10 years ago in the retail industry. While studying software engineering at University he created software to automate his entire business.

Nate’s software now manages over half a million products for hundreds of brands in every industry from food to luxury building materials.

Nate brings his operations and automation expertise to La Fucina to get your products to your customers as efficiently and profitably as possible.



CT&C Hong Kong operates in the field of high end architecture and design products for the Great China market (Mainland China and the Special Administrative Regions of Hong Kong and Macao).
CT&C: provides assistance, advice and support to companies aiming to introduce their products – or to expand their market share – into the thriving Chinese market and, at the same time, takes care of – and also invests into – the development of commercial and distribution networks across China, (more than 40 showrooms of high end fit-out building materials opened in the last four years).
Mauro Malfatti, CT&C’s founder and CEO, has over 20 years of top management responsibility in the field of design, lifestyle and architecture with leading international companies in Europe and in China.