Strategic Marketing.

  •  Positioning analysis as strategic driver for commercial development
  •  Comprehensive advice service in the creation of a marketing plan with detailed actions, instruments and budget
  •  Technical advice and support for realisation and management of the activities outlined in the marketing plan (website, brochures, catalogues, newsletters, etc.).

Business development.


  • Analysis of domestic market and market penetration with specific reference to the contract sector, as well as identification of opportunities for the business development
  • Activation of business contacts in order to establish a network with potential industry influencers and/or new customers
  • Support, by means of internal resources, in the promotion of the company among architects and developers, in order to guarantee the firm a commercial presence as well as continuity of commercial operations
  • Technical advice with reference to the identification of useful marketing actions and events to support business development


  • Analysis both of the company’s offer in terms of products and of its potential for internationalisation, as well as its internal coherence with regard to the contract market
  •  Identification of the foreign markets with the greatest potential for the company’s business, also thanks to the knowledge of local laws and regulations
  •  Creation of detailed strategic plans for international development which include:
    -revenue forecasting
    -geographically suitable areas to develop the business
    -possible need for new product development
    – action plan differentiated by target country comprehensive of the estimated amount of investment required
  •  Activation of trade contacts in the targeted countries
  •  Guarantee of continuity for commercial operations due to the direct presence on the territory

Dedicated to foreign companies

Technical support to foreign companies willing to enter the Italian market, by helping them in the:
• Analysis of the domestic market and definition of opportunities.
• Creation of a dedicated commercial structure.
• Activation of the first trade contacts.

Bespoke Events.

• Analysis of the main events of the sector (contract and non contract) in each country of interest to the company, to identify possible opportunities for participation; support throughout all steps of the application process, in order to achieve the greatest visibility and the best return of the investment
• Organization of own events aimed at the development of the business on specific objectives and themes:
– Specific and exclusive events targeting the company’s market;
– Collaborative events in partnership with other complementary businesses, by maximising in this way the total investment while generating significant synergies in the most important areas of market.
• MC has gained direct experience working with Italy, London, Shanghai and the West Coast of the Usa.

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